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Sorry for the confusion! When that blog post was written we were still collecting emails at As you know, we have since simplified things and have offered DPS 2.0 FREE to everyone without signing up. So the statement you read at the top of this forum thread is the most accurate.

Also, the current upgrade terms have always been noted in our FAQ

I have updated the old blog post to clarify this.

If you would like to get the upgrade for free we have been known to extend this to users who contribute to beta testing or make cool YouTube videos/forum posts about how they use our tech. Contact Joe or Dan via support ticket if you are interested.


The Windows FULL version is complete. However, we do not want to release that until the FULL version for OSX is finished. Officially, the FULL version will be v2.1.

Our timeline for completion has been pushed back again due to the mad rush leading up to CES but I can assure you development on DPS FULL version continues and the end result will be worth the wait!