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Dan Rice


Thank you for your report, our engineering team is working on resolving this issue.

There is a workaround to the startup volume bug:

1.) Uncheck Auto-Adjust Volume in DPS Preferences.
2.) Quit out of DPS by right clicking on the DPS “B” icon and selecting Quit.
3.) Right click on your volume icon and select Open Volume Mixer
4.) Set the volume for all of your Devices to 25% (or whatever level you desire)

Note – Under Devices, there is a little down arrow icon next to “Speakers.” Make sure to change all of your devices to 25% by selecting them in the dropdown menu.

5.) Sign out, sign back in.

DPS volume should now be at 25%

When you say “Also the program opens on my taskbar every time after boot”, are you refering to the Notification, or are you saying you would prefer for DPS to not startup automatically when you boot your computer? Both of these issues can be solved:

If you want to get rid of the notification message and chimes, go to the Settings -> System -> Notifications area as Hans said.

If you don’t want DPS to start up automatically, type “startup” into your cortana bar, select “See what processes start up automatically…” then highlight DPS and click “Disable.”

Thanks again!

– Dan Rice
DPS Support