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Been having an issue with bluetooth connectivity with the DPS Application for MacOS. This has been present in the older 1.X version(s) as well as the new 2.0 version. I will go through the steps of connecting my bluetooth device and if you could let me know if this is intended behaviour or a bug that would be great;

1. Turn on my bluetooth speaker (JBL Charge)
2. Turn on bluetooth on my Laptop (Mid-2012 MacBook Pro 13″, running macOS Sierra 10.12)
3. My device auto-connects to my laptop
4. To get the sound to go through the speaker and not “Build-in Output”, I have to go to the DPS menu icon > Output Device > and select my device. Great, now it connects
5. I don’t want to use my MacBook Air profile for my external speaker, so I select “Listening To: Desktop Speakers”. At this point I would think it should be configured correctly and working, but after select Desktop Speakers, the Output Device has now switched back to “Build-in Output”
6. I have to go back to Output Device and reselect the external device to get output to come through the external speaker and not my laptop

Thanks for your input in advance,

Randy B.