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Hi Dan,

Yes, you nailed it down precisely, and the link you posted points to the correct model. They combine excellent sound with ANC and Bluetooth. A bit pricy but well worth the investment.

Maybe add this to the list, just in case the developers are hungry for more ideas:

When I tried to compare the cities profiles with each other I found the handling rather inconvenient . The list is considerably longer then the screen of my iPhone. So for instance trying to compare “Annapolis” to “New York” (or anything below) involves having to scroll a lot with your fingers. This prevents you from performing a quick back and forth comparison between two profiles, ie. the current one and a new one you want to test. Maybe a button could be added that allows you switch to “Current” while on the selection list screen ? Or have the current profile as a fixed entry at the top of the screen and the selection list underneath ?

Thanks for your reply,