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Hi Dan,

I just saw this thread nad it seems to match a question or request I have, so I thought I’d add it here.

I am using the jetAudio and purchased the Bongiovi DPS feature. What I can see is a looong list of profiles, some of which are device specific and some have city names. The meaning of this, especially the meaning or intent behind the city named profiles is not explained anywhere. For me this was and still is a problem, because it prevents me from properly using the software.

Within the jetAudio plugin there is a button that transfers me to the website. But the website is also not very helpful towards finding a user guide or usage information. It took a lot of searching before in the end I ended up here in the forum.

So thats my main request for the jetAudio plugin: some help text or explanations about the profiles and in particular the general non device specific profiles.

Another idea would be to add a sortof manual mode where the user could do some parameter tuning to make an unsupported device sound good. I ended up testing all the profiles with city names to find out what might be good for my unsupported headphones (Sennheiser Momentum Wireless). This is very inconvenient on an iPhone. The list is so long that toggling between two presets that do not fit on the screen requires scrolling and thus prevents quick back and forth switching for a good comparison.

Just some ideas 🙂