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OK, I give up.

If our compressors all of the sudden started performing with 1/2 or double speed attack/release you better believe we would hear that!

I didn’t say anything like that. I compared the Massberg compressor with the Bongiovi one and assumed the latter is twice as fast. Different timing definitions are common so there’s no problem here. I never suggested the speed of the Bongiovi compressor had changed.

Those are most likely rounding differences due to the processor the coefficients were generated on. I see these difference between Mac and Windows computers all the time.

Yes, they’re different, that’s my point. However that’s unlikely due to rounding errors. The formulas for coefficient computation have the nice math property to give results with higher precision than the input had. So one should expect each and every one of the 6 digits of the coefficients in the log to be correct when using 32bit floats. Note that the above formulas give all coefficient digits correctly as written in the log. So the log cannot have any rounding errors.