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You are making some interesting assumptions about our algorithm 😉 If our compressors all of the sudden started performing with 1/2 or double speed attack/release you better believe we would hear that!

However, we are wandering into our dsp programmer’s territory. The Bongiovi audio engineering team relies on the null test (and ears) to verify the integrity of the algorithm when we do ports to new platforms and refactoring of the code.

A serious refactor did occur between 1.x and 2.0. However, the effects are more accurate or similar enough with the benefits of the refactor taken into account. To understand our legacy:

iTunes plugin and OSX plugin 1.x = oldest locked to 44.1. 32bit float
Windows 1.x = some refactors for windows locked to 44.1. 32bit float
Android and iOS 1.x = a few more refactors but mostly platform specific for performance still locked to 44.1. 32bit float or 16bit fixed.
2.0 = all platforms use same core code where coefficients are calculated at runtime to accommodate any sample rate. All math is 32bit float.

We can hear subtle differences between these versions and applicable profiles have been updated. Also, 2.0 introduces many new features (stereo enhancement, limiter etc) so the sound will always be a little different.