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Hey thanks for the awesome review, dmbrody2014!

Here is an update on our plans for the full featured version of Bongiovi DPS for Mac and Windows:

– DPS 2.0 FREE will remain available for the rest of this year.
– We hope to have the paid, full-featured version available before August. This is a little later than we hoped but, because our software team has a lot of new projects to complete, everything is getting pushed back a little. Our busyness translates into more cool, amazing sounding products you can get in stores later.
– On August 1st, all DPS 1.x support will be suspended. That means you will no longer be able to activate or download profiles in these old versions.
– As we have stated many times, users who have paid for DPS software or submitted their email during our promotional period will receive a license for DPS 2.0 paid version.

We’ll have a formal announcement about this later in our blog but this covers the main points.

Let us know if you have any questions!