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I’m a brand new user, and I’m usually not one to give a review, much less a glowing one, after only a few days of use – but this time I’m making an exception. I’d been looking for a quality application to amplify my computer’s audio that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg … let’s just say that 100% of the solutions I tried ended in disappointment. And then I came across the Bongiovi DPS product. I wasn’t expecting much, but I installed it anyway and after getting to know the product and trying out the different settings I can finally say that I have found the solution to my audio woes! The difference in my computer’s audio is nothing short of amazing! Having said that, I can’t wait for the release of the full featured version, because if the basic free version is THIS good I’m sure the upgraded version will be awesome! [ahem, I am kind of a cheapskate, so hopefully it won’t cost that arm & leg I mentioned above! lol] Thanks for a great product!