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Dan Rice

Hi Mattr,

Sorry you’re having trouble. First let’s just confirm your settings:

1.) Get some music rolling. I know you can’t hear it. But this is how we can find out if we fixed the problem. Not to state the obvious but please make sure the volume is raised up in whichever music program you are using.

2.) When you hold the Option key and click your volume icon you should see a list of output devices with DPSReflector selected. If not, select it.

3.) When you click the DPS “B” icon, select your desired “Listening To” choice: Built-in, Desktop or Headphones. Then hover over the “Output Devices” menu item, you should see a list of your computer’s output devices. Select the one you want.

Let me know the result. Please feel free to email me directly at!


Dan R.
DPS Support