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Hi Mattr,

Without presumptuously preempting the unmatched support team at Bongiovi, what is the status of your audio functionality when DPS is turned off and/or Quit and/or Uninstalled? I assume you’re using a Macintosh. If you haven’t checked already, you can test the status of your audio by uninstalling DPS and Rebooting your Mac, selecting an audio file in the Finder, Control-Clicking it to open the pop-up menu and choosing Quick Look. If it plays and you hear the sound, then your on-board audio is ok. I recommended checking with Bongiovi support within or outside of this thread to work out what precisely is going on, but, if you haven’t already, you might want to uninstall DPS using a utility like AppCleaner (available for free at App Store) which removes an app and all its ancillary files, the reboot and reinstall. Happy trails.