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Here are some more details about our new system:

– is where our new system lives.
– merges, and into one website.
– Users have been brought over from You must reset your password to use the new system.
– User have not been brought over from
– You must use the new system to create support tickets or post in the forums.
– The new version of DPS 2.0 Basic for Windows and OSX no longer requires login. It’s totally FREE until the end of 2016!
– When the Full Featured version goes on sale you will need to purchase an activation at to upgrade.
– People who currently own DPS Plug-In activations will receive a free activation for DPS 2.0 Full Featured. You will get an email (to the address you used to purchase DPS Plug-In) with the upgrade information.

Click here to read our official statement about these changes

Please let us know if you have any questions!