Bongiovi DPS

Reply To: Mavericks OSX Issue List


Hi, guys.  Just so everyone is aware of our progress…

1)  We still have a support ticket open with Apple’s driver support team.  The holidays have certainly slowed things down but we are in touch with them.  We need to speak with their driver support team directly because there are aspects of OSX Core Audio that have changed at the kernel level that affect all virtual audio drivers.  This includes the popular open source Soundflower internal audio routing software.

2)  We have solved the 100% CPU usage issue.  This only presented itself to us when we were in Las Vegas at CES.  It is caused when DPS is activated on a network that requires a login (Airports, Hotels etc).  We will have a new build available shortly that fixes this issue.  It’s easy to fix a problem when you can replicate it 🙂

We are responding as fast as possible when we get information about these issues.  Getting actionable info has been the main issue here.  I really appreciate everyone’s patience!