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Reply To: Mac DPS 'dips out' for a second



We have been doing some tests… ¬†Looks like it may be a weird WIFI related event.

We can only get this to happen when DPS is running –

Playing long/large Apple Lossless or MP3. Music ‘dips out’ for approx. half a second after 20 minutes or so. Can be 20 minutes into a long track or after 20 minutes(ish) of shorter tracks. It does seem to be on a ‘regular’ basis.

Also, when the refrigerator pump starts, central heating thermostat trips or certain light switches are used, the music ‘dips out’ for a longer period. Maybe a second. So, maybe it’s a WIFI interference thing.

Doesn’t happen when DPS is turned off.

I can’t see what the relationship would be between DPS and WIFI. However, I do control the Mac using Remote on an iPad. Could this be a clue?


BTW – do you know this form is not very iPad compatible?