Bongiovi DPS

Reply To: DPS for Mac 1.0.7 Issues



Yes.  It seems the issues in Mavericks have never really been resolved for some users.  However, no users are reporting these stuttering issues in Yosemite.  Apple made some unknown changes to the audio engine (for the better) in Yosemite so we are back to the functionality we had in 10.8.  I have updated our system requirements in the Help/FAQ page accordingly.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

For my personal setups, I only run Mountain Lion and Yosemite now.  I downgraded my MacPro that runs ProTools to 10.8.5 and it starts up and runs almost 2x faster than it did in Yosemite.  I keep my MacBook Air up to date with Yosemite so I can take advantage of battery life and UI improvements.