Bongiovi DPS

Reply To: DPS for Mac 1.0.7 Issues


Incompatible kernel extensions (kexts/drivers) are always going to cause issues and will interact in unpredictable ways with other kexts.  If you see a device available in your Sound Preferences window (like DPSReflector) you know it has a kext associated with it.

If a kext is in use, it cannot be uninstalled.  That is one reason there may be leftover kexts.  It is best to uninstall software that uses a kext right after a fresh reboot to be sure it is not in use.

If it is still there, they are easy to remove.  But DO NOT REMOVE A KEXT IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF WHAT IT DOES!  You could remove something that is necessary like your video card driver.

For example, you can remove the popular Soundflower driver this way:

  1. Navigate to Macintosh HD/System/Library/Extensions
  2. Delete the file Soundflower.kext
  3. Empty your trash
  4. Reboot

Or, if you want to remove the DPSReflector:

  1. Navigate to Macintosh HD/Library/Extensions
  2. Delete the file DPSReflector.kext
  3. Empty your trash
  4. Reboot
  5. DPS will no longer work!

You may find the Boom kexts in one of those locations.  But be sure you are certain before you delete anything!