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Reply To: DPS for Mac 1.0.7 Issues


These two issues exist even after “clean” OS installs of 10.10.* and 10.11, hence it should be common to others, probably on mac portables:

— Occasional momentarily audio distortion, and i believe it has to do with the CPU, unable to process the audio at that time due to other application sudden CPU process spikes. When switch from DPS reflector to the normal output under sound settings, this occurrence does not exist.

— For the purpose of mac going sleep mode: “pmset -g” shows that core audio process is preventing the sleep mode. Only when i exit DPS, core audio assertions are gone, then sleep mode is possible.

Macbook pro Mid 2010 2.66Ghz, on a 500GB SSD & 8GB RAM, clean install of 10.11 official release, only DPS 1.0.7 running and no other audio processors, only a pair of Bose earphones or the integrated speakers for listening.