Bongiovi DPS



Hi Dan,

Thanks for the info. I’ve turned it on.

I’m using airfoil on Mac for a couple of reasons. The first is that I followed you instructions for airfoil as they were there, and I had Airfoil. I blindly followed. 🙂

“Ooh! I have Airfoil, I *must* use it if there are instructions for it here.”

Also, I have a house full of Airplay setups, so wanted to be able to choose which ones to send to at the same time; so I can have music in various places at once.  It also has to be simple and visual for my wife, who hates computers, but likes music. Airfoil is simple.

I also did it due to the fact that AppleMusic disables Airplay in iTunes for some radio stuff: it was a bit of a two finger salute to them. “If you’re going to mess about with my Airplay options, in my house, sod you Apple.”

You know.