Bongiovi DPS

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As a general rule, DPS should maintain a very nicely leveled audio signal.  Dynamic Range Control is the core concept behind DPS.  With that being said, be sure the following is set within your system:

  1. Be sure your Windows computer volume control is at 100%.  In Windows, the main volume control (the one controlled by your keyboards) becomes the INPUT level control going to DPS.  That is because Digital Power Station becomes the default playback device so we can process the audio.  During normal operation for laptop speakers and headphones and such, you would not have a problem.  However, if this level is too low, and you have connected external speakers that are turned up loud, you will not get the effect of Bongiovi DPS dynamic range control.  If you want to know the details of why this happens, just ask.
  2. Be sure the volume control of your media player is at 100%.  For the same reasons stated above.  The DPS profiles are calibrated for a moderately high input level.  If the level is too low you will hear the effect of equalization but none of the wonderfully transparent leveling and loudness control.
  3. Control the volume of your external speakers with their volume control.  In pro audio we call this gain staging.  Ideal gain staging places the master volume control at the end of the chain of devices.  All other devices are maintained at ideal volume levels.  In the case of DPS, the devices include:  Media player–>Digital Power Station Driver—>Bongiovi DPS application–>Computer Output Driver–>Your speakers.


Also be aware of any automatic volume leveling in your audio devices.  TVs are notorious for having built in volume levelers that destroy the sound.  This can have the effect you describe, rnadeau6299.  If possible, disable any automatic volume control in your device.  If this is not possible (in the case of most TVs) lower the output of your Computer’s Output Driver to about 75%.  To the TV, the volume will be within a safe range, but you will still have the effect of DPS.

This is a complex topic!  I’m happy to discuss the nitty gritty details if you have further questions.