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Reply To: talking in movies so low ,can't hear them


I just checked everything you mentioned and everything is set up right with the Paris profile EXCEPT tv volume leveling. I wasn,t aware my tv had volume leveling mostly because it was in the advanced settings and was called SRS Tru Volume and it was on. I turned it off and my tv immediately changed volume.  Thanks for the tip . I will test it this weekend and report back.

Here is some interesting info. My first computer was a top of the line ( which I paid extra for) was a Kaypro 2X portable that weighed 50 lbs. It had a 4 Mhz processor, 16K ram, 2 5 1/4 inch floppy drives and a 9 inch green screen with white letters. I ¬†bought it for my business and cost me $2500.00. I checked on a price for a 10 meg hard drive but I decided against it because it cost $10,000.00. I still have it and it works fine! It had the CPM operating system. As lame as this system sounds , it did everything I needed with 16k ram. I purchased this in 1985. I enjoy computers so much I started and ran a computer business, building upgrading and repairing them in 1990 and I’m still doing it. I’ve seen alot of changes over the years. I am sure that predates you guys.