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Reply To: talking in movies so low ,can't hear them


I turned volume leveling off on my tv. I’ve been testing the sound with different profiles with the same movie . I started the movie and listened to the first 5 minutes with each profile. with some profiles I stopped almost immediately but with the Anapolis and Paris profiles I was able to get it to sound the way I want it to. BUT there is one spot about 5 minutes into the movie where there is much gunfire with automatic weapons. It hurt my ears and I had to turn it down then back up when the gunfire was done. The movie in case you’re wondering is The Punisher.

Prior to getting DPS I was using an excellent sound enhancer that would reduce the sharpness for lack of a better word, when there was gunfire. It also kept the voice volume level so again I didn’t have to keep reaching for the remote. Unfortunately this software isn’t win 8 compatible which is why I found DPS.  I hope my description gives you a better understanding of what I would like it to do.