Bongiovi DPS

Reply To: talking in movies so low ,can't hear them


This is excellent feedback, rnadeau6299.  I am downloading the Punisher now for testing.  I also verified the Annapolis and Paris profiles do not have a lot of automatic volume control.  They are well suited for various types of music and speaker combinations but they will not aggressively control dynamic range for movies.  One of the most aggressive is Philadelphia but it is designed for spoken word or very low volumes only.

With that being said, I will begin constructing a new category of profiles called TOOLS.  Beaty and I have been kicking this around so I think now is a great time to start.  We will start by creating versions of Annapolis and Paris that are perfect for consistent movie watching.  We will also construct profiles that are designed for single purposes such as bass boost, dialog normalizations etc.  We are open to suggestions!

Also, I’d like to know what the other audio enhancer is you were using.  As long as I have a basis of comparison, I can create a profile that sounds like just about any audio enhancer.  I can put this in the TOOLS category as well.

Regarding your questions about how the volume normalization works – Bongiovi DPS processing is unique (and patented) because of how it controls dynamic range.  You can read about the basics of dynamic range control here.   Bongiovi processing allows for a large amount of processing with very little artifacts.  As you can read in the Wikipedia article, audio compressors always work to turn the signal down by a certain ratio after it exceeds a threshold.  These parameters, along with how much you turn the signal back up (make up gain), determine the amount of volume normalization.

PS – Here is a picture of my sister and I using our first computer.  It was a terminal in my dad’s home office in Florida connected to a mainframe in Maryland.  We had a crazy box attached to it where you could type a word, then a few seconds later it would speak that word!  After that we had an XT (8086 processor) with 64k ram and 20mb hard drive. Fun stuff 🙂