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Reply To: Win 7 64 DPS 1.2.3 and SB ZX Sound Card


So when DPS start up in Desktop or Built-In modes, the volume of the hardware output device is set to 100%.  This is because Digital Power Station becomes the Default Output Device.  Normally, only the default audio device receives Volume Control commands from the keyboard.  If (for example) the hardware output is set to 50% and DPS takes over, then the the hardware would be stuck at 50% and most casual users would wonder why their computer’s volume no longer gets as loud with DPS.  I’m sure you already know you can change the hardware output volume in the system tray while DPS is running.

Some of the volume control mechanics are explained in this Help Wiki topic.

When DPS starts up in Headphones mode, the hardware output is not changed to 100%.  This is so you don’t blast out your ears if you ware wearing the headphones.

DPS 2.0 will have a more verbose Settings tab that will allow you to control this automatic response.

I’m thinking the new audio sound card is in fact switching drivers when you change outputs in the Soundblaster control panel.  This is probably what is causing problems with the DPS virtual audio driver.  Let me know your thoughts.