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Reply To: Win 7 64 DPS 1.2.3 and SB ZX Sound Card


Hi Joey:

Thanks for the reply. Now that you explained it (again), I do remember why DPS sets the volume to 100%. I wasn’t aware it doesn’t do it for headphones, though, so I will experiment with that.

I don’t know how the sound card works, but it’s Creative’s latest and has been around roughly a year. Typically, SB cards are pretty popular, so I imagine there’s a lot of the Z series out there. It really is an excellent card. I thought the X-Fi series was good, but the ZX is better in many ways, especially for gaming. DPS makes it even better, though.

I like the fact that there’ll be an option in DPS 2.0 to control how the volume setting works. I know there’s a thread on DPS 2.0, but it’s pretty quiet. Where do things stand with that release?