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Dan Rice

Honestly, I’m not that familiar with the SRS Audio product. Taking a look at it though, it looks like SRS Audio Sandbox doesn’t have specific speaker profiles, but instead allows the user to setup a speaker profile based on certain parameters. DPS has custom profiles, created by our audiophile/developers that are specific to a large number of speaker systems available on the market, plus a number of more generic speaker profiles (called Cities profiles) that match up with a variety of headphones or speaker setups.

While we do not have a specific profile for your Creative Gigaworks T40-II speakers, you may try some of our Cities profiles to see which best matches your speakers and listening preferences. I personally like the Annapolis or Paris speakers profiles for my desktop speakers (I use a pair of Logitech USB speakers with no subwoofer.)

We appreciate your question and hope you enjoy our product! Happy listening!

Dan Rice
DPS Support

edit: I have added the Gigaworks T40-II to our list of profile requests.