Bongiovi DPS

Reply To: DPS 1.2.4 for Windows 10


Sorry for being unclear about the Digital Power Station driver.  Here are the details:

  • The DPS 1.2.4 driver for Windows 10 is actually the DPS 2.0 driver.
  • This driver has a 48kHz option that does not work.
  • There is some undocumented issue in the Windows 10 audio engine that prevents some driver with only one sample rate from working properly.  We are working around this by adding the 48k option.
  • We are working a more elegant fix.  Though we may need to wait for Microsoft to update the audio engine.
  • When a new driver is available we will have an installer that only replaces the driver.

In the meantime, please set all of your audio devices to 44.1kHz 24bit/16bit.  This will provide the best sound quality when using DPS.