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Thanks your reply but it seems a limp response to me, just waiting till you fall across the right headphones! I was hoping for more proactivity.

I appreciate DPS cannot purchase each and every headphone for sale, test it and produce a profile just on the off chance that a one of your customers may need it someday.

However, one of your customers (me) is asking for a profile for his Beyerdynamic T51i headphones right now. According to your own high standards, you must believe that my audio experience with my headphones must be substantially improved if there is a specific profile for my headphones. I believe this too and therefore find your response inadequate.

As a Britisher who worked until he retired selling for an American Company, Air Products, I believe I know what customer service means to you guys. Can I suggest that:

1      You contact Beyerdynamic in the States and ask whether they can make available to you their T51i headphones on a temporary loan so you can create an accurate profile?

2     Alternatively, can they put you in touch with one of their customers in  your area who might be prepared to loan you their T51i for an hour or two for the same purpose?

Beyerdynamic USA may have other suggestions as well but of one thing I am sure they will do their utmost to help if they can.

One final thought. You ought to be jumping at the chance to align your software with Beyerdynamic products. This is not a wild statement and I refer you to the following review of the T51i by your compatriot Ken Rockwell, himself an audio professional and photographer

In his review of the T51i, he calls it

<b>Beyerdynamic T51i
World’s Best Portable Headphones

I hope you will do something along the lines I suggest so that within the reasonably near future you can make available a T51i profile and match your customer’s expectations.

Best wishes,