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Some feedback on v1.5 after trying it for a while. First, I’ve had issues with its display. Songs’ graphics and volume slider are disappearing at random. Instead, there’s a very faint large DPS graphic that fills most of the display. Sometimes, I can get the normal graphics back by locking the phone while a song is playing, then unlocking the phone. This issue goes away if I close and restart DPS, so it’s possible it needed a restart because of the new version. When the graphic does come back, though, the top part of a song’s graphic occupies the same space as the wording for repeat and shuffle.

Second, and this is just a personal preference, I prefer the normal controls for repeat and shuffle. I don’t like having words in their place. The words are very small with a dull blue font plus, being partially hidden in a song’s graphic makes them very difficult to see. I thought Bongiovi was striving for a consistent look across platforms. This does not fit in at all.

EDIT: Seem like the DPS restart fixed the missing graphics issue. As for repeat and shuffle icons, aside from using the “normal” ones as before, I’d suggest making the fonts/icons white so they can be seen through on screen graphics. I have an iPhone 4S which may be part of the problem. I wonder if the issue of being lost in the song’s graphics happens on the iPhone 5 series, which has a larger screen.