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Joseph Beaty

Hey there! We have been testing in the beta versions of iOS 9 and the app working until the final release of iOS 9.  That being said, we have been thinking about ending the Bongiovi DPS app for some time.

So, after careful consideration, we have decided that the Bongiovi DPS iOS app will no longer be made available in the Apple App Store. Click here to read the official End of Life Statement. This also mentions how you can continue using DPS with the Jet Audio App with DPS.

If you have installed Bongiovi DPS in the past, it will remain available for download in your App Store purchases. It does appear to be working on older versions of iOS along with some devices iOS 9 devices at this time. Thanks a lot for supporting us. We are still moving forward with the DPS plugin for Mac and Windows. New versions are coming soon.