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Thanks for the reply, Joseph.  I downloaded the jetAudio app as well as the in-app purchases for jetAudio Plus Unlocker and Bongiovi DPS.  Should I expect a profile in the jetAudio app to sound the same as in the BDPS app?  I believe that I have all processing turned off with the exception of the BDPS profile, and the results are significantly different, and much worse with the New Orleans profile, which I use in my car.  What was a very tight, rich, clear sound that that I could turn up very loud, is now harsh and fatiguing, with over-emphasized bass.  An A/B comparison with my iPad, which can still run the BDPS app, confirms the difference.

I will be contacting jetAudio to confirm the recommended settings, but was also wondering if you had any recommendations to make your profiles sound better in the jetAudio app?

Thanks in-advance for any assistance.