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Thanks. Joseph.  I really appreciate the detailed response.  I have everything turned off as you noted except for the BDPS profile, and it looks like starting off flat in the Equalizer and backing off the 80Hz and 120Hz sliders gets me closer to the original sound of the New Orleans profile in the BDPS app.  (I needed to bump up the bass in the BDPS app.)  I still need to figure out what adjustments to make to get voices to sound a bit clearer, but it’s close enough for now.

It was impressive how the Bongiovi DPS app was able to take a car audio system that many find to be lacking, and turn it into a system that allowed me to re-discover my audio collection and hear detail in songs that I had only heard through headphones.  I will miss it, as it was a perfect match for my car, but will enjoy exploring the new app as well.

Thanks again, and best of luck to you and the team.