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Extremely disappointed by this news.  I won’t complain about having to spend a little more to continue using the DPS audio profiles — I originally upgraded the DPS iOS app in March of 2012, I’ve more than gotten my money’s worth.  That said, I loved the app and the interface.  It was simple, functional, and effective.  I can’t say the same for the Jet app.  It’s slow and clunky.  Moreover, I’m not a fan of the nickel and dime approach they’re taking (2.99 for this, 2.99 for that, another 2.99 for this other thing, etc.)  … Just a poor product in my brief experience with it, and I’m frustrated it is now effectively the only option to make use of DPS on iOS devices.

Honestly, had I known the DPS app would prove incompatible with iOS 9, I wouldn’t have upgraded.

Rant aside, I wanted to drop a note of thanks.  The app you guys made was great, the audio profiles are awesome … awesome enough to make me use the “meh” Jet app.  🙂