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What would be really ¬†useful would be ALL profiles available without having to download them all. I know it might be a bit bulky but you could arrange it so that they are either part of the installation package or just automatically downloaded on first start up. Then you could have a system where you can delete the profile you really don’t want.

That was/is annoying for me; having to download them one by one and then finding out i don’t want them. Now that I have them on my system I can’t get rid of them.

This would also mean that any new profiles would have to have notifications sent out when they have been automatically downloaded and are available for testing.

Summary: Automatic downloading/availability of profiles-old and new: and easy deletion of unwanted profiles.

Hope this helps, and don’t worry about votes. It’s what makes the best app that counts.

Thank you.

P.S. Make the iPhone app integral, to work with all sounds instead of having to use the app. I love the sound it gives but i want to hear it all the time, when someone calls me or an alarm goes off.

Also the bass sucks on iPhone 4s, with or without your app.