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Congratulations on the new alpha version!

I just took a small glimpse at it now, so not much to comment on yet. First thing I noticed is that all output devices default to the virtual DPS device itself (on this pc at last) which means no sound until you manually change it to the actual soundcard. I guess it’s best to exclude DPS completely from the list of output devices or at least *not* choose it by default.

The limiter settings on your 2nd picture are missing here but I guess that’s intended.

As you mentioned above it would be nice to have the .NET installer removed, it isn’t needed here anyhow (maybe just link to the microsoft site etc.).

Sound seems to be fine, although I used a profile not available in 2.0 yet, so it’s not that easy to compare.

The new design takes a little getting used to so I wait a few days before judging that. 🙂

All in all I’m impressed, so keep up the good work!