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Thanks guys.  This all good feedback.  It looks like I will be working late on that help wizard and a manual 🙂

wxman:  iTunes has a habit of thinking they own the audio system.  We are going to install the latest version and test on our Win 8 machines to see the behavior and recommend a proper setup procedure in the Wizard.

hans:  Coloring the visualizer shouldn’t be too complex.  I’ll put that on the list of things to try.

Regarding order of tabs, we feel the best way to arrange them is what is best for getting started as a new user.  So hopefully, with an easy setup, you just turn DPS on.  Then if there are some questions , you go to Settings to set your output.  And while you are there pick some profiles from the list.  Then, if you want more profiles, you have to purchase the software in the Activation tab.  After that you can access the Profiles browser.

I’ve been kicking around the most aesthetic way to label the controls.  I think one way is to include the labels as part of the background image.  This way, the user can switch from the “basic” skin (with labels) to an “advanced” skin that is cleaner with no labels.