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Here’s my first kick at the can:

DPS 2.0 Alpha Testing Observations

My computer specs: Full tower CyberPower high-end gaming machine with Intel i7-4770K 3.5-3.9Ghz CPU, 8GB RAM, Sound Blaster Zx sound card, Radeon 4GB R9 290 video card, Windows 8.1 64 bit

Before installing 2.0, I uninstalled DPS 1.2.3.

Initial setup kept using SPDIF-Out (Sound Blaster Z) instead of Windows default communications device (Speakers Sound Blaster Z), which was also the device selected in DPS. After fiddling with it a few times, it finally worked.

When DPS first started, it was turned off, but has been OK since.

Tried playing music from iTunes and DPS immediately issued a message telling me the trial period was over and I have to purchase it. DPS then switched off. I closed and restarted DPS and it’s working properly.

Headphone profiles don’t have my headphones (Bose QC15).

I tried changing the background colour, but it does nothing. What is it supposed to do? I hate the blue with white scheme and can’t figure out what the purpose of fading from top to bottom is.

I found out that, with headphones, turning the stereo control off gives exactly the same effect as turning it on and dragging the circles all the way out.

I was playing music from iTunes and got audio drop outs. I’ve never noticed it with DPS 1.2.3. but I don’t often use iTunes. When I backspaced over the same portion of the music, it was OK the second time. I’m suspicious that it might be my headphones causing it, though, and will try another pair. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

There’s a change in behaviour from DPS 1.2.3. My Sound Blaster Zx sound card has its own speaker and headphone switching in its control panel. In 1.2.3, I always have to stop and restart DPS when I switch between headphones and speakers. What I’ve been doing is setting DPS to headphones before I stop and restart it so it doesn’t cause the Sound Blaster volume to go to 100%. I normally leave it at about 40% and it has always worked properly. With DPS 2.0, when I have both it and the Sound Blaster set to headphones, then stop DPS, the Sound Blaster’s volume immediately goes to 100%. DPS 1.2.3 did not do this. Also tried setting both to speakers with volume at 40% and the same thing happened when I stopped DPS (i.e. The Sound Blaster volume immediately went to 100% which is a change in behaviour from DPS 1.2.3, which never changed the volume when it was stopped). DPS 1.2.3 does change the volume to 100% if I leave it set to speakers, then restart it and it does not change it if it’s set to headphones.

I forgot that you can’t copy and paste here for some obscure reason that I forget. When I paste a Word document, I get all kinds of formatting information in the post, which I had to remove. I sure wish you guys would change this.


UPDATE: Just noticed that switching between Music and Movies has no effect, at least with headphones. With DPS 1.2.3 voices were much more noticeable and forward. There were also subtle differences in bass and treble. Just finished playing COD Ghosts for about an hour and there were no audio glitches using the same headphone as with iTunes. I wonder if iTunes has some issues that I’m not aware of.

Another update: I found out that DPS doesn’t keep all its settings when the computer is restarted. Specifically, I’ve noticed that, if I have it set to Movies, it goes back to Music after a reboot, plus the default Annapolis headphones are set instead of the ones I was using. The speaker setting seem to be OK, though. If I find anything else like this, I’ll update this thread.