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Thanks, Jim.  I’d like to summarize the points we will take away from your message.  Let me know if I’m missing anything:

1)  Check to be sure the current default playback device (not default communications device) is selected in the DPS output device menus on first run.

2) Be sure all settings are recalled on computer restart (we have seen this too).

Regarding the other items:

Music and Movies modes are not currently available for all profiles.  Our new system uses a new profile format that will be compatible across all platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux etc).  Music and Movies modes will be two separate profiles with the suffix _MUSIC and _MOVIES.  All profiles from the current 1.2.3 version will be available in this new format.

I will email the Bose profiles to you.  They can be installed manually as per these instructions.

The Set Background Color feature will work when a skin is enabled that has a transparent background.  The current blue skin (sorry you don’t like the blue…company colors) has a solid background.  I will provide an alternate skin in upcoming builds that take advantage of the background color feature.  I will also provide a Photoshop template so folks can create their own personal skins.

Regarding automatic volume control – We actually tweaked this based yours and other’s feedback over the years.  And we are happy to continue to tweak it!  Currently the volume control works like this:  When DPS starts up, read the current volume of the default playback device.  Then turn it up to 100%.  When DPS is finished starting, set the level of the Digital Power Station driver to the volume that was read from the default playback device.  When DPS quits, set the default playback device to the volume that the Digital Power Station driver was set to.

This volume scheme is designed to maintain volume consistency when using keyboard volume control commands.  So there is no apparent jump in volume when you turn on DPS yet you still have the full range of control.  Since the Digital Power Station driver becomes the default device when DPS is on, it receives the volume control commands from the keyboard.  When DPS quits, control returns to the hardware default playback device.  It’s super confusing, I know.

1.2.3 has a similar behavior except for when booting into Headphones mode.  Then the hardware device is not set to 100%, but is kept at its current volume.  Would you like to see this same behavior for Headphones mode in 2.0?

Or perhaps a checkbox in the settings window for “Adjust device volume at startup”?  We are open to suggestions since this is very much a user preference.