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Hi Joey:

OK, I got the skins thing straightened out. I installed it in Program Files>Bongiovi Acoustics>DPS 2.0>Skins>XParent. When I change the colour, it starts out as solid and gradually fades towards the bottom. That is the thing I want to eliminate if possible. Any ideas?

EDIT: After closing and restarting DPS, the skin colour is grey, which is not what I selected. It seems setting the skin colour is a one time only thing and it has to be done every time DPS starts.

EDIT: Just discovered there’s some weird interaction between the grey skin colour and the volume control. When DPS is set to speakers and the SB volume is at 40, restarting DPS when it has the grey skin leaves the SB volume at 40, but it still sets SB to 100 on exit. Selecting another skin colour reverts back to normal behaviour (I.E. SB volume goes to 100 after a restart). Weird!

I’m now using 2.0.0a8 and everything seems fine. The good news is, when I started it for the first time, it correctly set up the output devices. I did not uninstall the previous version, though, and don’t know if that made a difference. I see with each new version it’s necessary to activate it again. I hope that doesn’t cause a problem with the number of licenses I have. Over the years, I’ve purchased DPS 3 times and currently have it activated on 2 computers.


It seems the default setting for stereo controls is off. That’s how I like it, but it should keep whatever setting you prefer.

UPDATE: With version 2.0.0a8, all settings after a reboot are coming up correctly, including stereo controls. I turned it on and did a reboot and it’s still set to on.