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<p style=”color: #373737;”>=====================================================================</p>
1PC: – 1 HDD WIndows 8.1×64, 2 HDD Windows 7sp1x86, 1/2 hdd install dps 1.2.3 first> 2014 Y
DPS 1.2.3 now installed Windows 7 and 8.1×64 and works normal 5+!*****

with all of the below specified sound cards;
Audio Devices: in Windows 8.1×64/ 7 SP1 X86: Nvidia HDMI (LG monitor), 2 Realtek HDA Internal, 3 External PCI Via Envy24 (SPDIF)

de-install 1.2.3 ,> install in windows 8.1×64 – dps – A8, When you first start produced an error .net – click continue and A8 works normal, not yet installed A9 -x2 errors,

a9 .net error, even after clicking continue not working, pre launch writes that the dps driver not installed, really the DPS driver – normal installed.

When you click “Continue” for the .NET – change skin non works ask dps application A8 / A9