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Alpha build A10 is now available

If you are using a different skin other than DPSTheme, please switch back to DPSTheme before installing a10.  There are new assets in the skin template and missing assets will cause a crash.  If you were using the XParent theme, please replace it with the revised XParent2 theme in the Goodies folder.

If you do get a crash for any reason, please let us know.  Clicking “Continue” is not recommended as this may cause instability in the DPS application.

Version 2.0.0a10

  • The DPS processing code is now using the latest core code that is shared among platforms.
  • New About page assets.
  • New graphic for the EQ pad ball.
  • Added a fix for the transparent background exception.
  • The beta timeout for a10 is 10/11/2014.