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Hi Joseph:

Not sure what art view mode means. When I’m playing music, I’m talking about the screen you get when DPS is running on the equivalent of a desktop. The graphics keep disappearing and so does the volume slider near the bottom. If I lock the phone and look at the screen after pressing home, everything is OK. The graphics are always there, as is the volume slider up at the top of the screen. If I unlock the phone, the graphics and volume slider are still missing.

I don’t want to hijack Joey’s thread, but I also asked a question way back when about changing the repeat and shuffle controls to words. As a user, I find that totally inconsistent with your goal of standardizing things across platforms. I personally don’t like it and couldn’t understand the purpose of doing it. I hope it’s going to be changed in the next iOS release, which I assume won’t come along until sometime after iOS 8 comes out.

Any thoughts on how I can go back to the release before 1.5? If not, I may have to see if I can find it in some old backups.

UPDATE: Found DPS 1.4.7 on a backup and reinstalled it.