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Hey guys,

I was able to recreate the DPS Driver Not Found issue.  It is possible for the DPS driver to not be uninstalled properly when upgrading (installing over top).  If the DPS driver was in use at the time of uninstall, the system may not be able to remove it.  So, during the installation of the new version, a SECOND DPS driver is created and everything gets messed up.  Here is how to fix this:

1)  Look in your Sound preferences windows under Manage Audio Devices in the Windows Control Panel.

2)  When DPS installs normally, it should look like (Speakers) Digital Power Station.

If there was a problem, you will see (Speakers) 2 – Digital Power Station.  This means a second version of the driver was installed and you have a problem.

3)  Open your Device Manager from the Windows Control Panel

4)  Expand the category Sound, Video and Game Controllers.  If you two Digital Power Station drivers there, you have a problem.  Leave the Device Manager open.

5)  Uninstall all versions of DPS.

6)  Right-Click on any remaining Digital Power Station drivers in the Sound Video and Game Controllers category in the Device Manager.  Choose Uninstall.

7)  Reboot.

8)  Before you run any other program, install DPS 2.0 a10.  Then DPS should work perfectly.


Let me know if this works.  I’ll post a screenshot when I can.