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UPDATE re: memory utilization

Following ruslang’s comments about memory, I took a look at DPS 2.0 utilization vs. 1.2.3 and found an interesting difference.

DPS 1.2.3 uses 7.3MB of RAM. It doesn’t fluctuate as far as I can tell and it remains at 7.3MB whether it’s processing audio or not.

DPS 2.0 starts off using somewhere in the 20MB range, then it starts chewing up memory every second until it uses over 200MB. When it reaches its maximum utilization, it drops back to the 20MB range, then repeats the process. I watched it for a few minutes without any audio being processed and it constantly repeated the sequence. This seems like strange behaviour, but maybe it’s being done for a reason that isn’t obvious.

Is there a possibility this is happening because I have both versions of DPS installed? Does each version have its own driver or do they share the same one?

UPDATE: Just checked 2.0 again while it was processing audio, and its memory utilization is bouncing between the 20MB and 80MB range. When I turned off the audio, it went back to the 20MB to just over 200MB range.