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We don’t make “Trial Versions”.  There is a demo time limit of 48 hours for all version of DPS.  Then you have to purchase an activation.  You can use the same activation information from 1.2.3 in 2.0.  Just put in your email and password into the Activation tab and click Activate.  If there is trouble, you can de-activate 1.2.3 then activate 2.0.

As I’ve said before, DPS 2.0 will be a free upgrade for all current users.

jimboden and ruslang:

We are looking into this memory issue now.  It seems the .NET framework is not freeing up memory properly.  It’s odd that there is more memory being used with DPS off.  We’ll get to the bottom of it.

1.2.3 is not .NET but uses a much older framework that we have to move away from.  However, memory management is more manual so the footprint is smaller.


I am getting the same DPS Driver Not Found problem on my Windows 7 x86 computer.  The message appears but the sound processing is working.  This is going into the list of bugs to fix.


Thanks for your patience in dealing with alpha testing.  Remember, this is the development phase BEFORE beta so you can expect some problems.  In return, I am happy to give free activations of the software to those who are contributing to this forum.  Please email me privately about this.