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[quote=62147]DPS 2.0 starts off using somewhere in the 20MB range, then it starts chewing up memory every second until it uses over 200MB. When it reaches its maximum utilization, it drops back to the 20MB range[/quote]

Yes that’s exactly what I wrote earlier, the high peak load on cpu & ram that the audio processing without it
[quote=62154]I am getting the same DPS Driver Not Found problem on my Windows 7 x86 computer.[/quote]

I have windows 7 SP1 X86 is that the same thing, although full removed all versions of DPS, rebooted the PC and it’s still DPS Driver Not Found
[quote=62154]I am happy to give free activations of the software to those who are contributing to this forum[/quote]

and I, too, can be free key activations