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[quote=62165]Sorry for being scarce the last few days. I’ve been sick but I’m better now. Jim: I will add that to the Help docs for folks who run into the choppy audio issues. This definitely seems to be related to certain sound cards (maybe PCI ones?) since I have this problem with my M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card.
<h3>Current Objectives</h3>

  1. Fix Stereo Enhancement frequency response issues.
  2. Fix memory usage issues – This seems to be related to the .NET garbage collector.
  3. Address DPS Driver Not Found issues – This is important to us right now because it impacts other projects we are working on. If you are getting this error, please follow these steps to help us resolve the problem:
    1. Install DPS 2.0.0a10.
    2. In the Dropbox folder with the DPS installer there is a folder called debug tools/debug dps driver.
    3. Choose 32 bit or 64 bit to match your operating system.
    4. Copy and replace DPS 2.0.exe and DPSDriverLib.dll into Program Files/Bongiovi Acoustics/DPS 2.0
    5. Launch DPS 2.0.
    6. If you get DPS Driver Not Found, please tell us the error number that appears.

Thanks for your help, everyone! [/quote]


I  used your help but when i setup, replace that file my DPS can’t open again, its disappear on the taskbar, i tried to turn it on but it not appear 🙁