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You are probably right.  Is a10 working for you?

Just use the DPS uninstaller when you want to remove the software.  It is Program Files/Bongiovi Acoustics/DPS 2.0/unins000.exe

That will give you a clean uninstall including the registry.  FYI here are all of the installed locations:

  • Program Files/Bongiovi Acoustics/DPS 2.0/  <– Application, driver and Skins
  • Program Data/Bongiovi Acoustics  <– Sound Profiles and data
  • Normal application registry entries  <– Parameter settings etc

We are investigating why the driver is being installed over top of itself with this installer.  It seems we are not detecting a previously installed DPS driver properly.

Perhaps something is going wrong during the installation process on your machine.  Is there anything unusual about your system you can tell us?  Perhaps other audio driver installed that could cause a11 to break?

Thanks for all your help!