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Hi Joey:

Everything’s working fine so far with a12 but, as you probably know, the memory problem isn’t fixed. I also downloaded the 2 Phoenix music and movie profiles from the drop box. Interestingly, in the speaker selection box, it only shows one Phoenix profile, but clicking on music and movies makes a definite difference.

One minor thing, though. The Transparent skins no longer have the solid background as an option.

UPDATE: I don’t see the visualizer setting anywhere. Also, got another expiry message, even though I had activated it, but a restart fixed it.

ANOTHER UPDATE: After using DPS for several minutes, I got another expiry message. which is the second one today. A restart fixed it again and I redid the activation. Somehow, it appears my first activation got “lost”. I noticed the boxes were blank when I looked at them instead of having the email address and password fields filled in with dots or whatever.

DPS activation still working after another hour or so.