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The latest version is working fine here also 🙂

Also i have to say that fluctuating RAM usage of DPS while not playing a media is not normal as it should remain stable atleast even if it uses high RAM. I have used another .Net application Binisoft Windows Firewall Control and the RAM remains stable around 50-60 MB without fluctuation…..

the developer of the product says


Our products use the .NET framework. NET applications tend to have a larger memory footprint than native unmanaged applications. This is because the framework loads any required assemblies in memory. The memory usage reported by Task Manager is not very accurate because from these loaded .NET assemblies, some of them might be shared between multiple applications, but in Windows they appear and are counted for each application separately. For a .NET application written in WPF, the memory consumption is very standard. This is not so important. CPU usage is important because it can slow down the computer. The memory is garbage collected by the .NET framework when it is the right time, and because the GC is called by the framework, multiple instances of the same objects can reside in memory until they are garbage collected. One thing is sure: you will not run out of memory because of Windows Firewall Control.