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riyaz:  The memory will fluctuate while using DPS because it is a real-time processor (unlike a firewall app that is fairly static).  DPS is constantly (even when there is no audio playing) reading an audio buffer from memory, processing it, then delivering it to the output device which empties the buffer.  You can see this in the memory profile during normal operation:



At least 40MB of unmanaged memory is normal for a .NET application because that is how much the runtime uses.  Memory used on top of that represents DPS related processes.  If you are worried about battery life or power, CPU usage is most important.

jim and hans:  The higher memory usage you see is certainly not right.  Can you tell me what other applications might be running?  Or anything else I can try to replicate this problem?

ruslang:  I see you are getting the crash again.  Are you saying the problem may be related to a bad HDD or memory?  If the executable gets corrupted or the audio buffer is corrupted there can certainly be a crash.  We have never seen this crash on our machines.  So is there something I can do to replicate the problem?